I wrote this last Friday, but it didn’t want to post. So I’m posting it now. So there :p


I had a 7:30am meeting at one of the schools I work at. I usually get up at 7:30. I have nothing scheduled today except a meeting with my supervisor  this afternoon. I’m trying to figure out how to effectively use my time today, and it’s not going well. Rushing out of the house this morning meant that I made coffee, but not breakfast or lunch. And I forgot the new John Lee Hooker CD my brother sent me for Christmas.

I’ve started meeting with families. Family work is so different from the individual work I’ve been doing for 5 years. I am definitely in need of more training around best practices and how to work art therapy into sessions. I’m good at individual work, I’m good at group work, but this family thing? Totally unexplored territory for me. I’m looking at the diagnoses that these kids have and reconsidering them. Intermittent explosive disorder does not occur in a vacuum, and if someone’s got cruddy self-esteem, and poor communication skills, I’m hesitant to continue with the IED diagnosis.

I’ve been meeting staff at the schools who all want to know when  I start and what my schedule will be. I’m waiting to figure out what my required meetings are before  I put down a definite schedule, which makes this in limbo thing tough. There are so many acronyms, so many new people and a maze of a school to learn. It’s a bit overwhelming. I’ll be seeing kids at one school starting next week, and the second school maybe in 2 weeks. All of the systems are different. I’ve never had to deal with billing before and now I get to worry about that in addition to all of the other stuff. Ack! The minute I get settled into the schools I’ll have a caseload of 15 minimum probably. There are a lot of kids who are just waiting to be seen.

Jarak and I looked at an apartment yesterday that on paper sounded great… cheap, nice neighborhood, etc. We walked in and it was a shoebox. Less than 700sq ft. We are both large-type humans, who have books, and art materials and brewing equipment. There is no way all of our stuff would have fit in there. We’re not willing to sacrifice liking our apartment for having it be cheap.  The search continues…