I was informed yesterday that I have not posted anything since January 15. Whoops. This is what happens when Everything Changes in the span of about 2 weeks. 

My job is crazy. The learning curve for a new system is basically vertical. I’m starting to round the top of the hill now. I’m not only learning a new social-services structure and terminology but a new technology as well. My job has moved to electronic record keeping, which has had a number of bumps and glitches along the way.

I’ve gone from 2 clients the third week I was there to over 25 between my actual clients and the referrals and wait-list that I have going. Apparently that’s freakishly fast to get that many clients. I have a 6 month “probationary” period where I can get up to speed and build a caseload. I am expected to schedule 30 clients a week, and hope to meet with at least 25 of them. My case load will be between 30 and 45 kids/families. I thought it would overwhelm me and everyone would blur together, but instead each case is clear in my mind and I can remember where we left off the last session. It’s such a change from having almost my entire caseload turn over every 2 weeks at the detention center. Family therapy is weird and strange, but I’m realizing it’s mostly about communication and how everyone in the house talks to each other. 

I get to work with Boys! I forgot how much fun they are, and how much more different they are from the girls. I would do the occasional intake on the boys’ units at my last job, but now I get to build relationships with them and actually do some good work. I’m excited. 

We found an apartment! It’s in a not-so-amazing neighborhood, but it’s better than it could be. It’s a 2 bedroom flat, with lots of light and not enough storage. It’s pretty big, but storage space disappears fast when you move two people’s stuff from two apartments into one apartment. We’ve already had the “what is a duplicate in the kitchen and which one is better” conversation. Poor Jarak ended up jettisoning the majority of his badly scratched non-stick cookware in favor of my less-scratched non-stick or steel or cast iron pans. I scrapped the majority of the knives I’d inherited from some friend of my parents’ back in college. Goodwill got a big box of cooking stuff from us. 

Goodwill has been a lifesaver in terms of setting up the apartment.  We snagged a  brand new microwave, a 4 quart slow cooker,  an ironing board, and a hand soap dispenser among other things. We were very happy. Setting up an apartment is expensive! We had to get curtains for the bedroom and living room because of the drafts and the fact that we’re right next to the neighbors.  Both of us are ready to stop spending money.

And then there are the books… Good lord do we have a lot of books. We have two full bookshelves and still have 4 banker’s boxes full of books, plus the few boxes that I have yet to pull out of storage.  It’s kind of amazing how many books we have. I took all the paperback sci-fi/fantasy novels and stacked them on their sides on two of the shelves, because otherwise we’d only be able to fit a third that much. 

Now that we have a lease and I “officially” live here now, I’ve been doing things like getting an account at a local credit union and getting a card at one of the local grocery stores. 

The cat is seriously happy that she no longer has to live with dogs. She hid under the bed for about 5 hours when we first started moving in, and warmed up fairly quickly after that. 

I have other posts in my head about brewing beer and food and arranging our galley kitchen in such a way that it doesn’t feel like a galley kitchen, but I’ll save those for another day.