Relationship Blogs:

Queer Skies Ahead :Bird’s musings on being a gay married lady who trains and owns awesome dogs.

 Two Weddings and a Baby : Some of my long-time and new friends on marriage, impending marriage  and trying to be parents.

Mixed Up on Cecil Rd: A friend from high school and his wife write about being an interracial couple living in South Africa.

 A Practical Wedding : Because even though I’m not getting married yet, I still like reading it.

Hootie Comics: What happens when someone starts chronicling his interactions with his girlfriend in comic form. If you’ve ever lived with your partner, this is your comic.

Coming Clean: My friend  is a bigger pack rat than me. Her adventures in cleaning out her room at her parents’ house.

Daddy Runs Fast: Playwright and actor in Cleveland, who happens to be a cousin of mine.

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