I’m an art therapist moving a great distance for love. This is my adventure.

Dramatis Personae:

Seren: Master’s Level art therapist who works with teens and their families. I’m the oldest of 3, and my two brothers are two of the most important people in the world to me. I make art that pushes people’s buttons and challenges expectations. I knit. I threw the hammer in college and was really good at it for a while, until I busted my shoulder. Now I just lift a lot of weights, and might go back to throwing. I’ve been doing martial arts for 10 years. I’m squarely between bull-headed tomboy, and sensitive, emotional girly girl. I’m fiercely loyal, slow to make friends, and I hold onto traditions longer than maybe I should. I grew up in the woods in New Hampshire, went to college in western New York, moved to Boston for grad school and the first 6 years of my career, and now I’m in the Capital Region of New York.

The pseudonym comes from the character Seren Pedac in Stephen Erikson’s Malazan Book of the Fallen series.

Jarak: My very significant other. Technomancer for his small business and patrol ninja at a local college. Way better at web design and anything technical than I will ever be. He recently got into brewing his own beer, and has gotten really good at it. He reads a lot.  He’s  quiet and contemplative and gives the best hugs ever. He’s the prefect foil for my hot headed self. He grew up around here.

His nickname also comes from the Book of the Fallen series.

Mystique: the 7 year old short haired tabby. I’ve had her for about 6 years. She didn’t approve of any of the people I dated after the person I adopted her with and I broke up. Then I met Jarak. She lay right on top of him, the first time he came to visit. The cat approved, I got to keep him.  😀

Her name comes from X-Men. It was going to be either Mystique or Rogue, and since cats tend to live up to their names, I decided that I’d rather have a sneaky cat than a trouble cat.

Things you will hear a lot about in this blog:

  • Jarak
  • our relationship
  • communication
  • starting new traditions
  • learning new systems
  • family
  • Mystique
  • beer
  • local food
  • sustainable living
  • student loans

You will likely not hear details about my job, because 90% of what I do is confidential. I am likely to give broad strokes about the differences between my job in juvenile corrections in Boston, and my job as an outpatient therapist in a small city in upstate NY.