I always kind of knew that this blog would become a wedding blog, it was just a question of when.

Jarak and I had decided a while ago, when we had first realized that This Is It, that we’d get engaged after living together for a year. It then took me a year and a half to find a job and move out here. We had talked about shortening the amount of time that we live together before we got engaged, but never really settled on a number of months.

At Easter this year everyone kept asking when we were going to get married and I kept saying “Sometime after he asks me, I dunno.” I realized that that put an unfair amount of pressure on Jarak, and started saying basically “When we’re ready” in response to the wedding question.

“But Seren” you might say “you’re such a forward-thinking feminist, if you wanted to get married so much, why didn’t you ask him?” It was really important to me that he ask for a number of reasons. The first being that if I had my way we probably would have been engaged a year into being together, and that was too fast for him. Second, Jarak has never had a serious girlfriend before me, I wanted to give him time and not pressure him to get married before he was ready. And third, part of me is the little girl who dreams of fairy tales and romance and down-on-one-knee traditional proposals.

I got my proposal, but not down-on-one-knee, and it was so perfectly Jarak that I have to giggle every time I tell the story. We went to Rochester for our 3 year anniversary. We both went to college there, and they’ve got a great craft beer scene. We went because the Rochester Craft Beer Festival was that weekend. After making the 4 hour drive, we had dinner and drinks with one of my old friends from college and then went back to our hotel. We were snuggling and kissing and he kept looking at me in the strangest way. It’s his “I’m thinking about something important” face. And he finally looks at me very intently and says “Let’s be engaged for real. Let’s quit fucking around.” And I threw my arms around him and kissed him and said “Absolutely.” I fully expected to cry, but I didn’t then.

I cried when I got my ring. We designed my ring, and used a stone that came from a necklace my father had given me when I was 12. It was set in yellow gold, and I never wear yellow gold, so I never wore the necklace. It’s a big amethyst and it’s beautiful. It’s my birthstone, and I love purple. We went to a local jeweler the week after we got back from Rochester and designed it ourselves. It was then that it really started to sink in: We’re getting married! It took a few weeks for my ring to be finished; apparently everyone in the jewelry business takes 2 weeks off at the beginning of July. I wasn’t expecting it until the end of July/early August. But about a week before I thought I’d get it, Jarak surprised me with it after we’d made dinner and were just plopped on the couch. I cried then. I can’t stop looking at it. It’s sparkly!

Jarak and I at a friend’s wedding September 2011

My ring!