This apparently is the weekend of accomplishing things. I am now officially a New York State resident. I got up super-early (by 30 min) to get to the DMV as soon as it opened on Friday. In and out in under an hour, with new (fugly!) New York plates and registration for the Subaru, and a new temporary New York license. Plates and registration sticker went on this afternoon. I get to get my car inspected some time this week. This is the third inspection for this car in 6 months. I had to get inspected when I got it registered in Mass in October, and it was inspected about 2 months before that when the previous owners had to do it.

I realized driving around today, that my temporary NY license doesn’t have my photo on it. In Mass your paper, temp. license has your photo on it. Mine does not. I’m planning on heading back to Boston next weekend to spend time with my Best Friend Ever who’s flying up from TN for a much needed Boston visit. We expect to do a whole bunch of drinking, and probably some dancing. This may prove to be problematic because I no longer possess valid photo ID. I have my expired Mass license, which I’ll bring as a backup. Poor planning was poor… oh well. I don’t look like a kid trying to sneak into a bar, so hopefully it won’t be an issue.

It’s spring. I’m feeling antsy and in need of plants. I re-potted my spider plant that had become ridiculously root bound into a bigger pot, and trimmed and re-potted my african violet. The poor african violet is still suffering the effects of too much cold during the drive to NY and the subsequent forgetting that the plants were in the car in December. Hopefully trimming the stem and giving it some food will help.

I dumped all the soil out of my strawberry pot, mixed in new dark potting soil, inserted a PVC pipe with holes drilled in it to help with distributing moisture more efficiently throughout the pot, and re-filled it with soil. Then I planted sage, chives, parsley and dill. Hopefully they come up, and hopefully the pipe helps keep the plant dry.

I also planted the bulb I received at my friend L’s memorial service. It’s in a pot, and I may eventually plant it in the ground, but I’ve been so transient that I haven’t wanted to plant it in a place and then move away from it. When I buy a house I’ll plant it in the yard. In the mean time, let’s hope it sprouts. It hasn’t been kept cold but it also hasn’t been planted since I received it.

Last week I got 4″ cut off my hair. It was midway down my upper arm, and needed to be braided when I went to the gym, which was super-annoying. I have stupid-thick, wavy hair. It’s not brushing my shoulders. WAY nicer and way easier to deal with. I spent last Sunday dying it with henna and red-zinger tea. Now it’s on the redder side of auburn. Hooray $2 for 100g packs of henna from the Indian food store. And it makes my hair SO SOFT! The guy who cut my hair couldn’t believe that my hair was dyed and not damaged. (I dyed it back in September for my friend’s wedding.) I extolled the virtues of henna. No harsh chemicals, no crispy hair, just lots and lots of rinsing and potential clumps of green/brown henna on your bathroom floor/walls.

Spring always makes me want to change things and be productive. I’d like to think that I’m getting there. Tomorrow I make more spent-grain bread, and I promise I’ll post an actual recipe  for those who have requested it.