I know, the title’s clumsy, but it’s Proper Grammar. There’s a real post coming, when I put my thoughts together. In the meantime, enjoy the fantastic-ness of these songs. I’ll only embed one, because the other two are rather eye-bleedy and possibly NSFW. At least the third one is.

Gotye is brilliant, and I’m so happy with my brother for linking this on FB so that I could see it. Very artsy, and very clever. And it gets stuck in my head like crazy. Not in a bad way though.


And then there’s the brainless pop of LMFAO. I feel like I shouldn’t like these guys as much as  I do, but they’re funny, and fun, and catchy. And really when a song lyric has “wiggle wiggle wiggle wiggle yeah” in it and isn’t a kid’s song, it’s got to be good. Right? I giggle every time I hear it.

Party Rock Anthem

I’m Sexy and I Know It