The Monday after I moved I started my new job. It was a half day of orientation, so not much else happened that day. Tuesday I  met with my supervisor and started Learning All The Things. It’s a new system, and a new state, but I’m realizing that when you’ve been a therapist for a while, notes are notes, intakes are intakes, and kids are kids. The details may change in how I have to write stuff up, but it’s still the same basic set of information. The agency is moving to an electronic records system, so I get to start using that as soon as I have kids. Learning curve will go straight up for a week or so, and then I’ll get it. They’re being nice and easing me into having a caseload. The fact that I started the week before Christmas, and then the kids are on break for a week means no clients until after Jan 3. I’m doing lots of reading, and lots of recertifications for things that I need to prove that I can do what I need to do.

I’ve been walking around amazed at all the perks I get with this job. Lets do some compare and contrast between this job and the last job.

Last job: shared an office with a woman that I didn’t really get along with. Finding space to do sessions was tricky.

This job: I have not one but 3 offices, all to myself! I have offices at both of the high schools where I will be working, and one at the clinic.

Last Job: Jail, where anything sharp/breakable/pointy or remotely dangerous was banned. No glass or ceramic containers, no metal flatware, no candles, etc.

This job: Outpatient clinic and high schools, where I can bring glass containers with my lunch in, and have ceramic coffee mugs on my desk. We had a yankee swap the second day I was here and there were multiple candles given, and multiple ceramic mugs. Lots of breakable things. So strange.

Last job: I had to fight with IT to get me an email address, and was using my own email for the first 8 months or so. I didn’t get a state email until about 4 months before I left. I had one computer. I couldn’t get onto any of the state computers until about a month before I left. IT was consistenly a problem.

This job: I got an email address, access to my computer and access to almost all of the online programs I need within the first 3 days of working here. I have access to all but one now that I’ve been here for a week. IT is upstairs and they’re made of awesome. I also get a laptop and cell phone because I work at a remote site. No having to use my NH cell phone to call clients when they don’t show up! And I’m 100% encouraged to turn it off when I go home for the night.

Last job:  I was one of 2 caucasian people on the unit, and the other woman was the program director. Most of my coworkers were lovely people, but I had very little in common with them, and having a sense of community was tough. Even after 2.5 years I didn’t feel very connected to them.

This job: Many more caucasian staff, and many people who are in similar situations as I am. (long term boyfriend, planning to move in/living together, not quite getting around to getting married yet though.) I had instant community when I got here. I got invited out with one of them for a NYE shindig. It’s awesome.

Last job: Barbed wire, locked doors, electronic controls, handcuffs. Squirrels and stray cats outside the windows.

This job: Therapy Dogs. There are 2 on the floor, and maybe more once they get certified. An adorable little pit named Nia and an older golden/water dog mix named Bocce. They are so cute, and make me happy!

On a slightly unrelated note: The Boy needs a new nickname. As do I. Mr. Moustache is in the running for him. I’m completely at a loss for myself. Help?