Yesterday was my last day of work at my old job, and my last night of Fight Club for a while. I only teared up twice. I think working through all of my sadness and complicated feelings earlier in the week helped.

My boss, my officemate and one of the senior clinicians in the building and I all went out to lunch. My program director and assist. program director weren’t able to make it. So it was just the four of us. It felt very strange. It also felt like every other time I’ve gone out to eat with my boss and my officemate: they talk about Boston and kids etc, and my officemate is always the expert about things. I will not miss her. I learned a lot, but I won’t miss her. The day got crazy, lots of kids coming in all at once, my program director almost left without saying goodbye to me, (I caught her and made her give me a hug.) It was just wackadoo. And in some ways that was good. The realization that it’s not going to fall apart without me, and that life will still go on. I had a couple of kids who were really upset that I was leaving, so I took the time to work with them and really say goodbye. I left voicemails for them on my boss’ machine so in a couple days they can listen to them and know that I’m thinking about them.  I should call the unit Sunday or Monday to say goodbye to one of my favorite staff who doesn’t work on Wednesdays.

Fight club was good. It was a smallish group, of mostly regulars this week, which was nice. I’ve got some good bruises from working with B and accidentally running into his nerveless knee with my shin. (He kicked things a lot when he was younger.) I thought I would cry, but I didn’t. There were lots of comments about “oh, we’ll have to do this thing or that thing when she leaves.” and then giggles. I love my friends. I keep picking up brothers as I go along. As if I didn’t have enough. And amusingly I realized that people who I thought were older than me, are actually my age and younger, but still consider me a “little sister”. I can live with that.  We stood around talking for a very, very long time, and I didn’t get home until almost midnight. I’ve started to make plans for coming back in the spring. I’ll definitely be back for NERAX in March and ACBF in June. I have a generous vacation package, so I may be able to take a half day on a Wednesday, come out for fight club, and then hang out here Thurs-Sun and go back to work Monday. Having plans to come back helps with the transition.

I woke up early this morning to move my car, thinking my roommate needed to leave at 7am to go to work. On my way down the stairs, I slipped and fell. Socks and hardwood don’t mix.I haven’t done that in a long time, but I was sleepy and not paying attention. And it turns out he’s off today, so I didn’t need to do it.  Now I’m all bruised up. Ow. Add that to the bruises on my shins and I’ve accumulated more black and blue in 2 days than in the last 6 months.

Today my friend Kels is coming to help me pack. The Boy is on his way with the Element. I’m doing laundry and marveling at how much of a disaster my house looks in the midst of packing. My mom comes down tomorrow AM and will take my bed, which means I don’t have to freecycle it. Anyone in the Boston area looking for an old 21″ TV or a 2 shelf bookshelf? Free to a good home.