I’m in crunch mode now… less than 2 weeks to the move. Saturday was the last time I have to drive back from Albany without The Boy. Crazy.

In the next two weeks I have to:

-schedule time to see my elusive Little Sister to say our goodbyes. She’s impossible to get a hold of.

-take a load of stuff from the studio up to my dad’s house because it won’t fit if we try to take it all on moving day. The same trip to NH I’m supposed to see Nowell Sing We Clear with my mother.

-figure out what to do with all of the furniture in the apartment that I won’t be taking with me. Most of it is not mine.

-terminate with my therapist of 6 years. We have two more sessions. I pretty sad about this.

– throw myself a going-away party at my favorite pub from grad school and hope people actually show up.

-announce to my clients and the staff that don’t know that I’m leaving. My last day at work is Dec 14.

-schedule a haircut at my favorite place.

-take the cat to the vet to get updated shots/checkup so that we have few issues when we move into a new place.

-finish my friends’ wedding present and mail it. 2 months late… arg.

– remember that the most important thing is to communicate with The Boy and to not steamroll him when I want something and he doesn’t, or vice versa. I have a nasty habit of doing that recently. I’m trying to be very mindful and remember to apologize and back down when I don’t really need to be right about something. It’s a process.

11 days is so not enough time…