Hey all!

I’m A. I’m embarking on a new adventure in the next two weeks. I may come up with a new/different/more awesome nickname for myself and The Boy, but for right now, I’m just going to be A.

Why a single initial? I am an art therapist who works with teens, and as such, I like to keep my private life private, at least from the kids and families that I work with.  Nothing is entirely private on the interwebs, but I’m going to make an attempt. There are a number of other art therapists I know who blog as well.

What is my new adventure? I’m moving 200 miles west from Boston, MA to Albany, NY.  I moved to Boston in 2005 to start graduate school, and stayed here to start my career. In June of 2009 I re-met and unsuccessfully tried to hide my infatuation with the older brother of my best friend from college. We fell madly in love with each other, and for the past 2.5 years have been in a long-distance relationship, he in Albany and me in  Boston.

We knew fairly soon into the relationship that this was Serious Business, and that one of us would have to move. Without a whole lot of discussion I decided that I would move to NY. Partly because he has a small business that he runs, and also because although I love Boston, I really only wanted to live here for my 20s.

So I started looking for jobs about a year after we got together. I decided that I would start after I had passed the licensing exam. That was August 2010. Shortly after passing the exam I applied for my clinical license in Massachusetts and in New York.  It took almost a year to get my New York license, it took less than 6 months for Mass.  Prior to getting my license I got one job offer for something I didn’t really want to do, and for less money than they had promised me, so I turned it down. In late October I interviewed for a position as a therapist at a high school. I aced the interview, and they offered me a job.

So my adventure is this: I am moving 200 miles away from the place that I have grown into an adult. I am moving into an apartment with the love of my life, and my cat. We are going from two households to one, and from long-distance to seeing each other daily.  After spending 4 years learning about the human services infrastructure in the Greater Boston area, I get to start from scratch in not only a new city, but a new state. At some point on the horizon may be something sparkly on my left hand, and a big party with all of our friends and relations, but we will have that adventure when we come to it. This is the first big step. I hope you will join me.